RayFire for Autodesk Maya

With the extension for Autodesk Maya 2013 software, complex data and creative ideas flow more smoothly through the sophisticated pipelines required to tackle today’s challenging productions.


Next-Gen Viewport Display and Shading*

Take advantage of Microsoft® DirectX® 11 technology with the new Maya DX11Shader. Offering you real-time, centralized, easy-to-control shader effects such as crack-free tessellation, vector displacement maps, translucence, reflections, and shadows, the DX11Shader is built with a new API (application programming interface) that exposes DirectX 11 natively in Maya with HLSL (High Level Shading Language) support.


Scene Assembly Tools for Smarter Data

Creating large, complex worlds is now easier. Scene Assembly tools provide a mechanism for representing production assets in Maya as discrete elements. Each has complete support for multiple representations. You can easily swap between different representations—for example, various levels of detail—selecting the most appropriate balance between fidelity and performance for the task at hand.